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It’s one of the most special times in your life. He popped the big question and you said yes. Congratulation on your engagement! The ultimate wedding gift for your husband is you! Capture your love for him during the special moment with an intimate session.
A boudoir session is also for any woman who wants to boost her confidence and feel empowered. Treat yourself to a photoshoot as a weight loss reward, a gift for your boyfriend, your anniversary, birthday, father’s day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Celebrate your beauty. Celebrate You!

My private studio is located in Riverside, CA. Bring several lingerie pieces, outfits and accessories that convey you and your style. Bring one of his shirts as well! This experience is unique to you and will make you look and feel your best!

We will give you different looks from casual to a more glamorous look so you have an array of images to choose from. I will demonstrate how to best position yourself during each pose, to achieve the most flattering portraits. I will help you look and feel beautiful!