My father-in-law was married at Cliff House in San Francisco. It’s this beautiful restaurant that sits on a cliff with striking ocean views. The food was amazing and the wine was free flowing. Wedding = professional photos so I had to buy a dress. I wore this beautiful Vera Wang dress I picked up just 24 hours before the event. I HATE shopping so I ended up buying two Vera Wang dresses then forcing my husband to tell me which one I should wear.

Sometimes, we just want someone to make the decision for us. Because who are we to say what’s right and heaven forbid we make the wrong choice and have no one to blame it on. Hehe… Lucky for my husband has great taste but since then I wanted to empower my shopping decisions. I did some research and learned a few things I’d like to share with you.



Choose necklines that complement the mood of your portraits. A deep-v neck with a dark Smokey eye will give your portraits a dark smoldering vibe. While a high neck dress will have more of a conservative or professional feel. Explore different necklines and see what fits the mood.


Flatter your shape. Go with the form fitting option because no matter what your size, you not doing anything for yourself by wearing baggy clothes. Plus they get wrinkled. Ew. I do like the idea of hiding my very full stomach post dinner in a loose fitting shirt, but for photos, it’s a no no.


Wear the correct… unmentionables. I have five kids and I absolutely love spanx. What’s that you say? Go to the gym? See five children and give me my spanx. Seriously. You can ruin a look by wearing a bra that’s to big or to small and if it’s the wrong color, forget about it! Take the time to pick up undergarments that flatter your body and make your clothes look great. I suggest the clearance isle at Kohls.


Accessorize! Choose some accessories that fit the mood you are going for and don’t overdo it…. Just kidding. Overdo it! I would rather you show up with to many accessories than not enough. The beauty of accessories is no matter how cheap they are, us photographer folk can make it look swanky. Also, have your jewelry polished before your shoot. I always add a little sparkle but if there is sparkle to start than your ahead of the curve.


Mood mood mood. Make sure the clothes you choose match the mood. I know I keep saying this but deciding on the mood (or moods) you hope to capture really set the tone for everything else. Hair, makeup & wardrobe. Read more about choosing the mood here.


About the Author:

Katrina is a Riverside based portrait photographer. She specializes in modern glamour, personal branding, head-shots, boudoir and maternity portraits.

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