One of the most frequently asked questions my clients ask is: What do I wear? It’s a huge topic of conversation and I go into it in depth during my consultations. I’ve even designed a Style Guide I give to each client to help them prepare for their session.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hire a stylist like the celebrities? Someone to look at our body type, ask us our favorite flower, flavor and movie, then BAM! Here’s your new wardrobe! Your welcome!


Here are my top five places to source your wardrobe.



This incredible site offers name brand dresses for rent and my favorite feature, is you can order two sizes, just in case. I love that! There is nothing worse than ordering something online that doesn’t fit. Although I will say this: If it’s too big, ill clamp the excess fabric behind you and it will be our little secret. The client reviews and photos are an incredible resource as well. Most sites offer only the dress on a mannequins or a seven foot model. Rent The Runway has pictures of actual clients with their comments, size and photos. Very helpful!


Gwynnie Bee offers unlimited clothing rental for women sizes 10-32 with Gwynnie Bee you can even keep the clothes if you absolutely must have them. The selection is endless! You pay a monthly fee to have a certain amount of items out at once. Kind of like Netflix’s DVD plan… but for clothes.


JJ’s House offers tailor-made dresses so you know it’s going to fit you just right. But the downside is it takes about two weeks for you to receive your dress. It’s a bit more pricey than Gwynnie Bee and about on par with Rent The Runway but you get to keep the dress. I am in love with the flowy ethereal look of their gowns and they photograph really well.


Here in Riverside, CA we have a large amount of local thrift stores. My favorite is Pink Ribbon Thrift which supports the local breast cancer resource center. Thrift shops are budget friendly and you never know what you’re going to find. So if you have the time and you enjoy a treasure hunt, I highly recommend checking out your local thrift shop.


Don’t steal. But if you have a friend, sister, cousin or coworkers who’s closet you can raid, go for it! My sisters and I are always swapping clothes. Some of my studio wardrobe pieces are dresses we all have outgrown.

Shopping for clothes can be fun or frustrating. Just remember to choose looks that fit the mood you are going for in your portraits. Stay away from colors that are distracting. And remember, the most important part of your portraits, is you. <3

Where are some of your favorite places to shop? Let me know in the comments.


About the Author:

Katrina is a Riverside based portrait photographer. She specializes in modern glamour, personal branding, head-shots, boudoir and maternity portraits.

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