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Working with Michelle was such an incredible experience. She is a confident woman who knew exactly what she wanted, and trusted me to deliver. Michelle came to my studio to create an intimate gift for her husband on Valentines day. She wanted classy boudoir portraits that were both light & natural and dark & sultry.

Michelle owns and operations Acosta Family Child Care, a state licensed preschool based in Riverside, CA. So we decided to capture some professional images for we website.

During the consultation we looked at my portfolio for inspiration. Michelle liked the light look of Linda’s portraits and my black keepsake box with 10 finished images. Kendra’s red scarf portrait sparked a conversation about the Afgan girl with green eyes featured in National Geographic. Michelle’s husband, a photographer, captured a portrait of there daughter in a similar way. So we decided to take some inspiration and capture a similar portrait of Michelle.

Hair by Victoria Wang.

Makeup by Stephanie Bale.

I created a behind the scenes video that I customized for Michelle’s husband.

I hope you love it.

Before & After


About the Author:

Katrina is a Riverside based portrait photographer. She specializes in modern glamour, personal branding, head-shots, boudoir and maternity portraits.

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